The most popular Shenwei anti-counterfeiting plast

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Shenwei anti-counterfeiting plastic bottles were exported to Malaysia

in 2014, there were 72 acquisitions of resins, pigments and composite materials in the United States

recently, Shijiazhuang Shenwei pharmaceutical packaging Co., Ltd. applied two patented anti-counterfeiting technologies independently developed to develop and produce characteristic plastic packaging bottles, the first batch of which were exported to Malaysia

it is reported that these two original patented anti-counterfeiting technologies are respectively 'photochromic' and 'thermochromic' technologies. If the plastic adopting the 'thermochromic' technology is used, of course, 6 Click the experiment button on the software to put the packaged product in the process serial number into hot water, the color of the packaging bottle will change quickly, and the original color will be restored soon after taking it out. Plastic bottles with photochromic technology can achieve the same effect when exposed to light. These two anti-counterfeiting technologies are the first in the world. Consumers can easily identify the authenticity of products, so that counterfeit products have nowhere to hide. These two technologies can be widely used in the packaging of solid and liquid products such as drugs, cosmetics and food

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