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On August 6, 2015, the first heavy truck of the FAW Jiefang 4S store in Shenyang CIMC vehicle park was successfully sold and delivered to customers, marking the official launch of the commercial vehicle 4S store in Shenyang CIMC vehicle park project, which generally adopts the mode of excellent alloy structural steel group

the first truck delivered will cause a strange phenomenon. It is a 9.6m truck from the front four to the back four. This truck has the characteristics of strong carrying capacity, fuel saving and environmental protection, reasonable price and so on. It is deeply loved by the majority of truck users. FAW Jiefang has only opened its store for one week, and has ordered and delivered 3 trucks, with gratifying results

delivery of the first heavy truck at the FAW Jiefang 4S store in Shenyang CIMC vehicle park

driven by the new development mode of the CIMC vehicle park, the merchants of the 4S waste plastic recycling granulation shop settled in the project will become the leading force in the great change of the commercial vehicle trade pattern in Northeast China, and have unlimited development potential in the future

Shenyang CIMC vehicle Park Phase I (to be officially opened), famous commercial vehicle trading enterprises such as FAW Jiefang, SINOTRUK, Dongfeng Liuqi, Dongfeng shares, Chongqing Hongyan, Auman, Qingling automobile and United truck have taken the lead in settling in the project. Phase II intermediate Automobile Parts City - driven by the commercial vehicle trade cluster, it will shine in Shenyang market. Shenyang CIMC vehicle park will become the real one-stop Trading Center for complete commercial vehicles and parts in Northeast China

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