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Shenyang Customs "breaking up parts into whole" to help the export of North heavy industry shield machine

Shenyang Customs "breaking up parts into whole" to help the export of North heavy industry shield machine

www.6300 N COMAC undertakes the task of developing fuselage and tail wing work packages et China Construction machinery information recently, shield machine parts produced by northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. for Hong Kong Liantang highway tunnel project are arriving in Hong Kong. The measures launched by Shenyang Customs not only shorten the delivery time of enterprises by one month, but also save hundreds of thousands of yuan

the shield machine produced by North heavy industry group this time has a diameter of 14.1 meters. The customer asked North heavy industry group to deliver it in batches. However, if the goods are delivered in batches, the export of a shield machine needs to be completed by dispersing nearly 10 batches out of the country, which will increase many costs for the enterprise

after knowing this, the customs of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone suggested that North heavy industry group declare the export goods to enter Shenyang comprehensive bonded zone. The customs of Shenyang comprehensive free trade zone has customized a special equipment supervision and customs clearance scheme for enterprises, which is "complete machine declaration into the zone, actual supervision outside the zone, and port exit in batches"

the comprehensive guaranteed energy consumption will be reduced by 40000 tons of standard coal every year. The relevant person in charge of the customs in the tax area said that the comprehensive bonded area is a special supervision area of the customs. The yield strength ratio of general carbon steel is 0 The area under the jurisdiction of the people's Republic of China is equivalent to that within and outside the customs territory. The goods entering the comprehensive bonded zone are equivalent to the completion of export, and can enjoy the national export tax rebate policy

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