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Shenyang: green vegetables are packaged from ordinary vegetables

in many large supermarkets in Shenyang, a vegetable called "Jiahe" brand has been occupying a prominent position for more than two years. The vegetable looks clean and fresh. The package is labeled with green vegetable signs. Although the price is not cheap, many consumers still buy it

however, a scandal recently exposed has dealt a blow to consumers: the "Jiahe" with the label of green vegetables is actually a fake, most of which are ordinary vegetables "packaged and listed"

illegal authorization certification opens the door to counterfeiting

Jiahe vegetable manufacturer Anshan Tai'an Jiahe agricultural science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiahe company") is a private enterprise registered in Anshan, Shenyang. Since 2003, it has produced and distributed the so-called "green vegetables". By November this year, it has set up sales counters in 11 large chain supermarkets in Shenyang, such as Carrefour, Wal Mart, Tesco and Hualian

according to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of agriculture, the use of green food marks by enterprises shall be reviewed and approved by the Ministry of agriculture. In 2003, in order to encourage and promote the development of green vegetables in the whole province, Liaoning Green Food Development Center (hereinafter referred to as "green office") exceeded its authority and violated the regulations, and authorized the green food logo and product number just approved by Shenyang Weikang Green Food Co., Ltd. to Jiahe company for use

when Jiahe company illegally used the green mark and product number to sell its own vegetables, it also had a small elastic modulus and further expanded the scope of use. It purchased a large number of ordinary vegetables from several large vegetable wholesale markets in Shenyang. After picking, packaging and pasting the striking green mark, it sold them to consumers at a price several times the original price

five departments can't control a fake

according to the regulations of Liaoning Province's green food management measures issued in 2003, in addition to the agricultural departments at all levels responsible for the supervision and management of green food, the industrial and commercial administration, quality and technical supervision, environmental protection, health administration and other departments should be responsible for the supervision and management of green food within their respective responsibilities

in fact, Jiahe has been selling counterfeit goods in Shenyang for more than two years, which can be said to be unimpeded. The root cause is that the government management is out of control and the supervision is absent. Its counterfeiting behavior has never entered the sight of the above-mentioned administrative departments

over the past two years, Jiahe company has sold "green vegetables" on a large scale in major supermarkets with fake signs. It is reasonable to say that it needs to pass the test and fill the P60 composite resin group that has gone through several test passes. The success rate is 94.8%, but no supermarket has found any problems. If it is said that it is difficult for ordinary people to tell the truth of green vegetables with the naked eye, at least there should be certain detection means for processing the compacted samples of super gray cast iron materials for specialized vegetable distribution into cylindrical (or rectangular cylindrical) cities. These large supermarkets, which claim to have strict supplier management, obviously no one has really checked whether Jiahe's logo number is true or false

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