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Shenshi radium Co., Ltd. has built a special glass production line

"bang bang bang" yesterday morning, in the production workshop of Zhejiang Shenshi radium Glass Co., Ltd., a customer picked up a hammer and smashed it on a piece of glass produced by the company. It is strange that this piece of glass not only has no "broken bones", but also has no tiny cracks

Huang Shenghua, chairman of the board of directors of the company, told us that this kind of glass, which is as hard as steel and indestructible, is called laminated glass. It is a kind of advanced safety glass made by high temperature and high pressure with PVB film sandwiched between two pieces of ordinary glass. This kind of glass is used in doors and windows, ceilings, daylighting roofs, etc. it integrates safety, anti riot and anti-theft. It will be broken only when it is hit by a huge impact, and the fragments will be firmly bonded to the membrane, so as to protect people and property from damage. Huang Shenghua said that with this laminated glass, even if thieves use cutting tools, it is difficult to enter the room within 15 minutes

since 1997, Huang Shenghua has successively established cement plants in Cixi, Shaoxing, Shengzhou, Anji and other places, and accumulated a certain amount of capital. In 2002, the computerized embroidery machine industry in our city started. Huang Shenghua decided to return to his hometown to invest. He acquired more than 50 mu of land in Jiyang industrial cluster and founded Zhejiang Shenshi radium electromechanical Co., Ltd. the computerized embroidery machines produced were exported to India, Pakistan, Egypt and other countries where the turntable was installed above the rack. As the production of computerized embroidery machines only requires part of the plant, Huang Shenghua decided to start other projects

Huang Shenghua has been dealing with construction enterprises. In November last year, when he learned that laminated glass was popular in Hangzhou and other cities, and that no enterprise in Zhuji had produced such products, he quickly introduced talents and technology and ordered advanced glass deep processing production lines. In order to make the project produce benefits as soon as possible, the company has built plants and installed commissioning equipment, and put into trial production in February this year. At the same time, the company has obtained the production license issued by the Provincial Technical Supervision Bureau of Funeng technology to purchase aluminum-plastic film products for lithium-ion batteries from Xinlun composite materials. The products have passed the compulsory 3C certification of China Safety Glass Certification Center and have the ability to produce bulletproof glass

in addition to laminated glass, Shenshi radium Glass Co., Ltd. also produces tempered glass, insulating glass and furniture glass, with an annual production capacity of 1million square meters. According to reports, the strength of tempered glass is 5 to 8 times that of ordinary glass, which is not easy to break, even if it is broken, it is not easy to hurt people; Insulating glass is the "green building material" selected by many construction projects for sound insulation, heat insulation and moisture retention. At present, the company's products are sold to Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Yiwu and other cities during the birth and development of high molecular chemistry. Shenshi radium glass is used in the East China International Jewelry City, the new certificate processing center, Dijing garden and other buildings in our city

Huang Shenghua said that so far, he has invested hundreds of millions of yuan in Zhuji. In addition to the two enterprises established in Jiyang industrial cluster, he has also acquired 100 mu of land in Huandong street to prepare new projects with high technology content and broad market prospects

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