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Jointly build the China Kazakhstan new energy cooperation demonstration project

on November 30 local time, the handover ceremony of 1 MW solar power station and 5 MW wind power station built by the Chinese government and undertaken by CITIC Construction Co., Ltd. was held in Almaty, a city in southern Kazakhstan. The project will play a positive role in improving the level of cooperation between China and Kazakhstan in the field of renewable energy and in popularizing and promoting clean energy in Kazakhstan. With the in-depth docking of the "the Belt and Road" initiative and Kazakhstan's "bright road" new economic policy, the successful implementation of more cooperation projects has brought tangible benefits to the two countries and their people

"wind turbine sets a new record for the installed capacity of a single wind turbine in Kazakhstan"

in September 2017, the Chinese and Kazakh governments decided to officially start the project of providing Kazakhstan with 1 MW of solar energy and 5 MW of wind power generation equipment free of charge. Among them, the solar power station is located in the aratau Innovation Technology Park in Almaty, and the wind power station is built in the massak agricultural district in Almaty. After bidding, CITIC Construction Co., Ltd. became the contractor of the project, and started construction in December 2017. It was completed and put into operation ahead of schedule in November this year

"this is a demonstration project of cooperation between China and Kazakhstan in the field of new energy", Li Jianhui, general manager of CITIC construction's Eastern Europe and CIS business department, said at the ceremony that CITIC construction actively responded to the deformation process and destruction of materials through tightening experiments, responded to the "the Belt and Road" initiative, participated in the construction of Kazakhstan's "bright road" new economic policy, and has undertaken many large-scale projects locally. During the construction of solar and wind energy projects, the construction personnel overcame practical difficulties such as bad weather, short construction period and lack of local technicians, completed the project construction ahead of schedule, and passed the performance assessment and completion acceptance organized by the project owner and the Chinese side respectively

"the solar energy project is a demonstration project of Kazakhstan photovoltaic power generation by using the cross-section coefficient of the calculation pattern of the minimum value of the average value of the beads measured at three diameters, which has a variety of functions such as demonstration, promotion, teaching and so on", An Xiaodong, the person in charge of the project, pointed to the neatly arranged solar panels and said, "we used two kinds of solar panels, polysilicon and monocrystalline silicon. We used two installation methods, fixed bracket and adjustable bracket, and showed the characteristics and use methods of different combinations."

talking about the local development plan of enterprises, an Xiaodong said, "in the future, we plan to pilot the construction of agricultural greenhouses and photovoltaic project complexes in the arid and sunny areas in southern Kazakhstan, cooperate with drip irrigation technology, and organically combine green agriculture and clean energy to improve economic benefits, compared with 1991.16 billion yuan in 2015."

"wind turbines have set a new record for the installed capacity of a single wind turbine in Kazakhstan", Xin Tianyi, the chief engineer of the project, told that there was no precedent for the construction and installation of wind power equipment with a single unit of 2.5 MW in the local area. "The two power stations all adopt domestic equipment, which has played a positive role in promoting Chinese brands."

"thanks to China's selfless help, we have modern solar and wind power plants"

the development and use of clean energy is in line with Kazakhstan's development vision. Zhulamanov, chairman of Kazakhstan samluk Energy Co., Ltd., said that the Kazakh government attaches great importance to the use of renewable energy and has set the goal of increasing the proportion of renewable energy in the national consumption of energy to 30% by 2030. The wind and solar energy projects assisted by China are of great significance to improve the level of cooperation between Kazakhstan and China in the field of renewable energy, continuously improve the original products and promote renewable energy in the local area

"today is a memorable day. Thanks to China's selfless help, we have modern solar and wind power plants", said ukenov Nurlan, head of the energy department of Kazakhstan's samluk kassena national sovereign fund. The project will further stimulate Kazakhstan's potential to develop and utilize clean energy and play a positive role in our popularization and promotion of clean energy

"participating in the construction of power station projects has taught me a lot of skills". The young Kazakh boy jumabek is the subcontractor of civil works of two power station projects. Talking about the experience of the past 11 months, the young man always wore a smile on his face

jumabek told that in the past, civil engineering work only used to select materials and cut materials according to the construction sequence, and did not know overall planning, which resulted in slow construction progress and serious material waste. Now, Chinese technicians have learned to look at the drawings, know how to reasonably arrange the construction sequence, and scientifically calculate the engineering materials. "For example, when one ton of reinforcement was used in the past, the waste is often more than 100 kg, sometimes as high as 200 kg. Through 11 months of study and practice, the waste of reinforcement is now very small, which greatly saves costs and improves economic benefits."

"in addition to the scientific control of construction progress and cost, I also learned exquisite construction technology", zhumabek said that the concrete pouring process of the wind power station project has a large scale and high quality requirements, which he dared not think before. "Under the hand-in-hand guidance of Chinese experts, we really did it!"

at present, Jubilee is leading its team to build another 50 MW photovoltaic project in kabuchagai. He said proudly, "now, almost every day, someone calls me for technical advice or hopes to sign a construction contract with me. The reason why we are recognized by our peers and owners is entirely due to our valuable experience in participating in the construction of China's solar and wind power plant projects. Thank you teachers from China."

yerlik is the construction manager of two power station projects. He told, "the construction requirements of the whole project are very high. We strive to improve every detail of the construction process. The project was finally rated as an excellent project by the expert acceptance team, which is worthy of its name."

"I have participated in many engineering projects, and the construction level of Chinese builders is admirable." Yelrick said

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