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distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, friends:

today, I am very happy to participate in the second printing and Environmental Protection Forum. On behalf of Shanghai Publishing Bureau, please allow me to extend my warm congratulations on the convening of the second printing and Environmental Protection Forum

when I came to attend this forum, I thought of a TV I saw not long ago, which reported that a kind of milk powder produced in Southwest China caused adverse reactions to children after eating it. The problem milk powder occurred in Anhui Province, which attracted the great attention of the government departments. After testing, it was found that the quality of milk powder was very good. The problem was in the packaging and printing of milk powder. Because the printing materials contained harmful ingredients, it affected the health of children. In front of the TV camera, the person in charge of the milk powder production enterprise said that we need to be told where there are packaging and printing that meet environmental requirements. This is an extreme case, but it also tells us that in recent years, with the rapid development of the printing industry and related food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics, toys and other industries, especially the rapid growth of foreign trade, the requirements for product packaging are becoming higher and higher. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the quality of healthy life also puts forward higher requirements. The importance attached to the relationship between printing and environmental protection reflects people's expectations for improving the safety brought by green printing

printing and products involve all aspects of people's lives, including environmental protection problems arising from the printing process, such as waste gas, waste water, waste plates and paper, as well as environmental protection problems of food, drugs, beverages, children's toys and other packaging and printing materials. I saw an article published in the latest issue of new discovery magazine, which proposed that people should pay attention to the potential harm of neurotoxins to children. According to this article, more and more researchers have noticed the harm of trace neurotoxins to minors. This kind of harm is usually chronic, and has accumulated over time since childhood, making it impossible to prevent. Relevant organizations are calling for the introduction of corresponding standards to formulate new health and safety standards for baby bottles, water cups and food packaging bags, so as to reduce children's intake of poisons. It can be said that the environmental protection and safety of printing are widely valued by the industry in various countries. The occupational safety and health administration of the United States has issued new regulations defining odorous inks as "dangerous and toxic substances"; A considerable number of Japanese printing enterprises have obtained the qualification of environmental protection enterprises; Some printing companies in Germany are forward-looking in their actions to protect the environment. They not only appoint environmental protection officials, obtain relevant certificates, formulate environmental protection policies, but also issue environmental protection reports when appropriate. Their purpose in doing so is to improve the environmental protection of their printing materials, so as to improve the market competitiveness of printing products. China started relatively late in this regard, but now it has also attracted the attention of the government and enterprises. Many people of insight in the industry have introduced the concept of green printing into daily management and production process practice, and have done a lot of fruitful work. Many enterprises have inspected the extrusion pressure at the same time to ensure that the system pressure is not too high, and have passed the ISO14001 environmental protection management system certification. Some enterprises are or are preparing to participate in the ISO14001 environmental protection management system certification. On the other hand, in the use of ink and matching technology, water-based ink, soybean ink and odorless ink have been actively promoted. In the field of flexible printing, water-based ink, water-based varnish and other packaging and printing materials have been widely used in corrugated fiber plates, folding cartons and so on. All these prove that at this time, the green printing industry with the rapid regression of the force measuring pointer of the experimental machine in Shanghai has also been actively promoted and applied. As we all know, the impact of the printing and packaging industry on environmental protection can not be ignored. Whether from the environment or the economic changes caused by the environment, environmental protection will cause a profound change for the printing industry

as the supervision and Management Department of the printing industry, Shanghai Publishing Bureau will actively encourage and support enterprises to use environmental protection materials and processes to vigorously promote the development of green printing. Let's work together to seize the opportunity of the Shanghai World Summit, which will be held at the same time as the plastic recycling conference in Dallas, USA, to raise the application of green printing to a new level

finally, I wish the forum a success

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