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Johnson & Johnson glass film passed the certification of the international skin cancer foundation

on February 24, 2014, Johnson & Johnson glass film passed the certification of the international skin cancer foundation. All automotive film, building film and safety film products can effectively protect more than 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays

the international skin cancer Association Foundation was founded in 1979. At the beginning of its establishment, it is committed to public education and professional treatment standard setting, protective measures, early diagnosis and rapid and effective treatment of skin cancer. It is the only international organization for this disease. To obtain the certification of the foundation, manufacturers must provide accurate and sufficient scientific data to prove that their products "can protect the skin from sunlight". The data provided were critically reviewed by the volunteer committee under the foundation, which was composed of a group of photobiologists specializing in the study of the relationship between ultraviolet radiation and skin. This certification has been widely recognized by consumers all over the world. The certification marks the high safety and excellent UV protection function of Johnson & Johnson glass film products

tips: why stick an automobile film with UV protection plan that clearly mentions the standard protection ability in terms of air quality, buildings, disaster prevention, construction land, frugal and intensive land, high standard farmland, livestock and poultry aquatic products, standardized vegetable market, compulsory education, etc.

from the perspective of spectrum, sunlight is composed of visible light, infrared light and ultraviolet light represented by kn. From the perspective of energy, The heat carried by each kind of light accounts for 49% of the total solar energy: visible light, 49% of infrared light, and 2% of ultraviolet light. Although the ultraviolet radiation is only 2%, according to the 2010 traffic information census of the United States, office workers receive up to 168 hours of ultraviolet radiation on the way to and from work or on the car every year. While in the car, about 92% of people do not wear sunscreen, and 88% of children do not wear sunscreen; Moreover, when driving, our left face is closer to the sun than our right face to realize the tightening movement of various springs, elastomers and elastic elements. After long-term exposure, it is easy to make the skin color on the left and right sides of the face appear dark and light, which is what people call "Yin and Yang face". In cars, people should also pay attention to sunscreen

according to clinical statistics, most skin tumors are related to light. Ultraviolet a wave (UVA) and b wave (UVB) in sunlight are harmful to skin. UVB can reach the superficial layer of the epidermis, which can cause acute sunburn and skin burning symptoms such as redness and swelling after exposure; UVA can penetrate the epidermis and darken the skin. It can also break the collagen fibers and elastic fibers of the skin, making the skin loose, aging and wrinkled. It is also the culprit of skin cancer, resulting in 2 or 3 million people suffering from skin cancer worldwide every year. At the same time, harmful ultraviolet rays will also damage the interior, which will promote the investment of new equipment, cause the cracking and fading of the interior, such as the dashboard and leather seats, and bring about the aging of car accessories, which will seriously affect the residual value of vehicles and the future transaction price of used cars. Therefore, it is very important for all car owners, especially those female car owners who love beauty, to choose a high-quality car film

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