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John Deere sugarcane machine unveiled at the 2016 China sugarcane mechanization Expo

John Deere sugarcane machine unveiled at the 2016 China sugarcane mechanization Expo

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from December 10 to 11, aiming to further promote the mechanization of sugarcane production when the box girder model with concentrated load acting on a single transverse slope is midspan, and the "2016 China sugarcane mechanization Expo" to promote machinery research and development and technology application was held in liu3, Guangxi How about the basic configuration? The International Convention and Exhibition Center of sample state will be held. As the first domestic exhibition with sugarcane mechanization as the theme, leaders of relevant ministries and commissions, sugarcane machinery production enterprises, large sugar industry groups, and experts in sugarcane planting service industry are invited to participate in the exhibition of sugarcane farming and harvesting mechanization equipment, the promotion of sugarcane production mechanization solutions (special promotion meeting for production enterprises), and the on-site demonstration of sugarcane production mechanization. John Deere was honored to participate in this exhibition as a specially invited enterprise

John Deere Tractor products appear in this exhibition

John Deere's products include tractors of all horsepower sections and sugarcane harvesters. The indoor display area of 468 square meters shows users the 3b, 5e, 6b and other series of tractor products mainly sold by Deere in Guangxi, and introduces the development history of John Deere in China through the 25 meter long age background wall. The new ch570 sugarcane harvester made its debut in the outdoor exhibition area. The more advanced sugarcane processing technology and more efficient work efficiency provided customers with better product returns and reduced operating costs, and received customers' attention

John Deere ch530 sugarcane harvester demonstration sugarcane harvesting site

in the high-profile on-site demonstration of the mechanization of the whole process of sugarcane production, John Deere 954 and 1204 tractors cooperated with sugarcane planting machinery for sugarcane planting demonstration, and towed the field transfer vehicle to cooperate with ch530 sugarcane harvester for sugarcane harvesting demonstration. As the only four-wheel drive sugarcane harvester in the world, ch530 is equipped with Deere engine and hydraulic system, which provides users with stronger power guarantee for operation in harsh environments, reduces the compaction of the machine on the land, and reduces the working fuel consumption. Combined with Deere's unique folding steering technology and 1.5-meter wheel base, ch530 can easily turn in narrow fields, making driving and operation safer. The sugarcane harvested by ch530 on site, The incision is even and flat, which well protects the perennial roots of sugarcane. Through the screening of an efficient cleaning system, the sugarcane in the transfer vehicle has low impurity content and high cleanliness, and the harvesting effect has been unanimously affirmed by the on-site participants. "John Deere's sugarcane machine has no problem harvesting 'double high' sugarcane, and so can other fields." After listening to the explanation of Deere staff around the machine, vice minister Zhang Taolin of the Ministry of agriculture affirmed the high performance of John Deere sugarcane machine

the staff of John Deere introduced the characteristics of sugarcane harvesters to Zhang Taolin, Vice Minister of agriculture. In the promotion of mechanized solutions for sugarcane production, Ms. Li Lifeng, director of export and incubation business of John Deere, recommended the John Deere sugarcane harvester to the leaders and experts with the title of "technology upgrading of Deere sugarcane harvesters and recommended application mode of China's sugarcane production machinery harvesting". Li Lifeng said that John Deere company has decades of successful experience in the field of sugarcane harvesters. Combined with Deere's many years of practical research in China's main sugarcane producing areas, it has launched a sugarcane machine suitable for small plots of sugarcane fields with narrow row spacing and high output, so as to solve China's current urgent need for full mechanization of sugarcane

Ms. Li Lifeng, director of China export and incubation business of John Deere, introduced the wonderful appearance of Deere sugarcane machine

John Deere tractor and sugarcane harvester at this exhibition, perfectly explained the meaning of mechanization of sugarcane production in this exhibition, and reflected John Deere's unremitting efforts to promote the mechanization of sugarcane production, It is believed that in the process of continuous development of sugarcane production mechanization, John Deere products will bring a better experience to local users in Guangxi and escort the "double high" project

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