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John Deere won the "2016 China Agricultural machinery annual Top50" Gold Award for technological innovation

on July 27, John Deere won the "Gold Award for technological innovation" by virtue of the "2016 China Agricultural machinery annual product Top50" selection activity

John Deere won the "2016 China Agricultural machinery annual Top50" technological innovation Gold Award

"2016 China Agricultural machinery annual product Top50" selection activity, which is an annual product selection activity jointly sponsored by agricultural machinery magazine, the product publicity committee of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association and the popularization work Committee of China Agricultural Machinery Association. It aims to publicize and promote "technological innovation" Products with outstanding performance in "market leadership" and "application contribution". Through the targeted investigation of users and experts, market data collection and online voting, the operation of the ring plastic granulator covers an extremely wide range of fields, which are screened layer by layer, and then comprehensively reviewed by the independent authoritative product experts of the relevant departments of the Ministry of agriculture, the final selection results are very persuasive and credible. This time, John Deere's all-in-one harvesting and baling machine won the "2016 China Agricultural machinery annual product Top50" technological innovation Gold Award, which represents the outstanding performance of Deere's products in technological innovation after openly detecting error voltage. At the same time, it also represents the high recognition of the market and the majority of users for John Deere's leading technology

the all-in-one harvesting and baling machine launched by John Deere can solve the problem of burning straw and protect the environment. At the same time, it can realize the harvesting and baling operation at one time, improve the efficiency of harvesting and waste disposal, reduce production costs and reduce land compaction

the operation mode of John Deere harvesting and baling machine is that after harvesting soybeans, corn and other crops with s680 and other harvesters, the straw discharged from the harvester is collected and directly fed into the collector and 569 round baling machine to be baled. The harvesting and baling are completed at the same time. The straw materials include corn cob, corn ear peel, leaves, grains and short stems. The traditional way of Baling is to use the tractor equipped with a rake to work after the harvester is harvested, and then the John Deere harvesting and baling machine has many advantages over the traditional baling method:

1 The ash content is very low, only 1/4 of the traditional bundling method, which is more suitable for biomass power plants and livestock roughage, and the sale price is more than 20%

2. The packing density is high, which is 27% higher than that of the traditional baler, effectively reducing the transportation cost

3. Thanks to low ash content, high density and the composition of baled materials, the calorific value of a single bale of the all-in-one machine can be up to 1.46 times that of a traditional single bale

4. The nutrient composition of beneficial soil such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur and magnesium in the baled straw is low, that is, less nutrition is taken away by the one-piece baler, and more nutrients are left in the field, which can reduce the amount of fertilizer used in the next year, and is more conducive to farmers to maintain the fertility of biodegradable plastics, high-tech functional new materials and the recycling of waste plastics as environmental plastic products

5. The total digested nutrients are high, and the value for livestock feed is higher

6. The harvesting and baling shall be completed at one time, and the number of agricultural machinery entering the land shall be reduced at least once, so as to reduce the compaction of the land

John Deere's all-in-one harvester and baler is the benefit choice for straw treatment in large farms, professional cooperatives and biomass power plants, and it is also the practical proof of John Deere's commitment to environmental protection in China. The tractor is bundled with a baler, and the material of the baled straw is mainly corn straw

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