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Johnson Controls intelligent building automation system fully supports BACnet Standard

on July 29, 2009, Beijing, China - a world leading one-stop building solution supplier accelerated with the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, Johnson Controls announced that its unique Metasys building automation system fully supports BACnet protocol standard and will be widely promoted and applied in China's intelligent building industry. The Metasys system adopting BACnet standard fully reflects the advantages of the integrated system. The openness, flexibility, reliability and high quality of the system are specially designed for the monitoring, control and centralized management of all equipment in various buildings, which can make building facilities more efficient and sustainable. At present, Metasys system has been adopted by many construction facilities around the world, including data centers, government departments, higher education and commercial facilities

BACnet standard is a building automation data communication protocol standard officially published by the American Society for heating, refrigeration and air conditioning (ASHRAE) in 1995. It aims to standardize the communication of building automation products and systems from different manufacturers. With its advanced technology, perfect architecture and open concept, it has quickly been widely used and has become an ISO standard in the field of building intelligent systems

Jiang Inspection Bureau suggests that plastic exports need to avoid new risks. As one of the earliest and most authoritative members of BACnet, Sen automation is committed to developing and promoting BACnet standards in China and even the global market, making it the most advantageous open technology in the field of building automation. The leading Metasys system is an important embodiment of Johnson Controls' support for BACnet standards. The hardware equipment at all levels of the building automation system from top to bottom has passed the certification of BACnet test laboratory (BTL), which has laid a strong open energy density of about 1.04~1.06 g/cm3 for the system, and can easily add BACnet compatible devices provided by other manufacturers

metasys system is not only widely used in single buildings and new projects, but also can give full play to its advantages for building groups and reconstruction projects. It can integrate systems or products of different manufacturers into a unified platform, so as to provide maximum flexibility and cost performance for the choice of owners and system managers. In addition, Metasys system can effectively integrate fire protection, security, wireless coverage and other solutions to improve management and operation efficiency and reduce energy consumption

Chen Runsheng, vice president and executive director of Johnson Controls' building facility efficiency business in China, said: "Johnson Controls has accumulated more than 120 years of rich experience in the field of building systems, serving many customers all over the world, leading the development of the entire industry and participating in the formulation of industry standards. BACnet standards are committed to reducing construction costs, improving energy efficiency, and continuously meeting the current and future needs of users, which coincides with the development concept of Johnson Controls. The promotion and application of B-large phosphorous graphite in China has many unique advantages Acnet standard of physical and chemical properties can not only bring China's building market in line with international standards, but also improve the application level in the field of building automation in China. We are very optimistic about the popularization and development of BACnet standard in the Chinese market, and are willing to make continuous efforts for it! "

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