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Join forces with Yijie enterprise micro SCRM to help enterprises build a closed loop of private domain traffic operation

in recent years, with the traffic dividend peaking, the cost of customer acquisition has risen. Many enterprises expect to achieve low-cost customer acquisition by building private domain traffic. However, the private domain traffic pool built based on personal ID is often limited by various official customization and strict supervision, which will lead to account closure if you are not careful. In this context, enterprise wechat, a "star material of the 21st century", relies on official support to fully connect users and improve user management tools, and has become the best place for enterprises to graft private domain traffic and create private domain business

in order to help enterprises better grasp the private domain traffic dividends hidden behind the enterprise micro, heli Yijie cloud customer service is deeply integrated with the enterprise, and launched Heli Yijie enterprise micro SCRM to provide enterprises with full link services of drainage operation transformation management, help enterprises seize the traffic depression and layout the private domain traffic matrix

first, channel livecodes and unified traffic access management

the first step in building a private domain traffic pool is, of course, to lead users to their own pool. Heli is recommended according to our technology. Yijie enterprise wechat live code aggregates all channel traffic to realize the rapid construction of private domain traffic pool

1. Live code drainage

enterprises can attach channel live codes to each channel, such as official account, official, advertising, etc., to gather all channel users to the enterprise for unified management

2. Traffic access

the live code of the channel is not limited by the 7-day validity period. When the user adds the corresponding enterprise account, the system automatically passes without manual operation by employees, and supports the setting of multi person reception to ensure rapid traffic access

second, refined operation, improve user stickiness

behind every traffic, there is a flesh and blood user. If it is not refined operation, the users accumulated in the traffic pool will eventually be just a backwater. Join forces with Yijie enterprise micro SCRM to provide tools required for various refined operations, promote user activity and improve the conversion transaction rate

5. When using the tensile testing machine

1. Personalized welcome words

the system supports setting different welcome words for users from different channels, making the first interaction more warm

2. The multi-functional sidebar

supports quick reply to various types of messages, quick search, and one click sending, effectively improving communication efficiency

3. Content material library

provides content forms such as articles, files, videos, etc., to help deliver enterprise value

third, intelligent follow-up, fully wake up the users of the traffic pool

it is not enough to achieve refined operation. The more important step in the follow-up of private domain operation is user transformation. Heli Yijie enterprise micro SCRM supports tracking user tracks, tracking and allocating one click outbound calls to business opportunity users, comprehensively waking up traffic pool users and enhancing their purchase intention

1. User radar

automatically identifies the source of channels, has insight into user needs, and timely informs sales for follow-up

2. Form follow-up

business opportunities are unified into forms, supporting one click outbound contact, assigning users, and filtering invalid business opportunities

3. Label management

each user added can add labels at different levels according to user channels, status, business opportunities and other forms, so as to flexibly do a good job in user classification management

IV. data precipitation, continuous operation and management of users

having a private domain traffic pool does not mean that you can leave it alone. To reduce the loss of traffic, you need to learn to manage efficiently. Heli Yijie enterprise micro SCRM can automatically record the whole process of communication and manage the whole life cycle of users

1. Session archiving

text, video, image, voice, and other messages can be recorded and saved in real time, and will not be affected by employee resignation

2. User members and user groups added by user management

belong to the enterprise. Even if employees leave, they cannot take users away, and support the transfer of their connected user resources to other employees to ensure the continuity of user services

3. Data statistics

support visual analysis of channel sources and users, so as to clearly understand the quality of channels and users, and carry out continuous operation management

Heli Yijie enterprise micro SCRM is a marketing service tool based on the field of enterprise ecology, which effectively creates Zeng Yuqun's ever absent sense of crisis and still sends private domain traffic to the police province. It mainly helps enterprises create a closed-loop growth of user aggregation - in-depth operation - user based - customer management through multiple practical functions such as channel livecodes, personalized welcome messages, chat sidebars, and session archiving, so as to realize the rapid construction of private domain traffic pools Operation and management, so as to improve the energy efficiency and income of enterprises. At present, heli Yijie enterprise micro SCRM has been open for trial. If you need to experience it, you can learn more about it through the pictures below

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