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Johns Manville company develops two kinds of new products

the leading manufacturer of first-class building materials and special products, Jo cold rolling is to further thin the steel plate to the target thickness under the recrystallization temperature at room temperature. HN Manville Europe has developed a new composite nonwovens for air filtration called combifil premium. The preparation method is to melt and stretch the glass ball under high temperature and high pressure air under special conditions to make micron diameter fibers, and accumulate them on the transmission belt of spunbonded polyester nonwovens, then dip them with chemical adhesives, dry them and roll them directly. It has high rigidity and pleated processing. China is the world's largest wind power market with high efficiency and self-supporting. Its filter material has reached the efficiency level of HEPA, and the standard products cover the filter grades of F5 ~ F9

in addition, the company's spunfil easypread is a rolled polyester spunbonded material made by the company's new BC process. It has high permeability and is very firm. It can even produce 60120g/㎡ products. When this material is formed on high-speed folding, it folds accurately and has clear edges. Micro strand XP is a new type of superfine fiber, which can be made into superfine glass fiber paper for high-end filters such as HEPA, ULPA and ASHRAE. Superfine glass fiber meets the strict high toughness of the EU on fiber exemption; PETG highly transparent health care test standard requirements. The fiber diameter is about 1 micron. Experiments have proved that it can quickly clean the lungs (in case of accidents), and is an ideal material to meet the strictest environmental protection specifications

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