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John Holland won the Australian Capital light rail PPP project

John Holland won the Australian Capital light rail PPP project. In the verification certificate, the measurement results are directly compared with the specified limit value

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recently, John Holland, acquired by China Communications Construction Corporation in 2015, won the bid for the Australian capital Canberra urban light rail phase I project. China Communications Construction Corporation became the first Chinese funded enterprise to undertake large-scale Transportation Infrastructure PPP projects in Australia

John Holland company, Pacific Company under CIMIC group, Mitsubishi group and Aberdeen group of Japan are the investors of this project, and 30% of the total project cost will be invested as capital. John Holland will form a consortium with CIMIC group to undertake the design and construction of the project, with a contract amount of about $490million, and carry out operation and maintenance work at the same time. Therefore, the franchise period is 20 years

Canberra light rail phase I project starts from the fast-growing Ganga forest area to the central business district of Canberra, with a total length of 12 kilometers. 13 stations are set along the way, with a total of 14 light rail trains. The project mainly involves the design and construction of rail lines, the construction of warehouses, roads, signals and various preparatory works, as well as the daily operation and maintenance of the light rail system. The first phase of the project is scheduled to be completed in 2018

this project is another landmark project undertaken by John Holland in Australia after the government projects such as the Capitol building and the library. It is also John Holland's first appearance in Australia as an infrastructure investor under the China Communications Construction Corporation. The project will provide strong support for the rapid development of the local economy and promote the Australian capital to glow with new vitality

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