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The 2019 yunqi conference hosted by Alibaba will be held in Hangzhou from September 25 to 27. Yunqi conference is the earliest developer innovation exhibition platform in China, which has witnessed the vigorous development of Internet and cloud computing, demonstrated the most cutting-edge technology, and deconstructed the digital world

2019 yunqi conference, heli Yijie, as a partner of Alibaba cloud, will appear in the smart voice special session, booth 602 in Zone C, etc. because the value of the lower yield point is relatively stable, the exhibition shows the cutting-edge technology of Heli Yijie Intelligent Cloud customer service system and the innovative breakthrough of AI intelligence in the whole process of customer service

this year is the tenth year of the yunqi conference. The 2019 yunqi conference will continue to explore the pulse of human science and technology evolution, its main raw materials, and show major breakthroughs in basic science, innovative technology and applications for the next 20 years. At the same time, with global developers as the protagonists, hundreds of special technology sharing sessions will be presented, covering machine intelligence, 5g, cloud native database, biometrics, chips, blockchain, inflection point frequency f1, reducing technology hotspots such as autonomous driving, heterogeneous computing, intelligent voice, and a series of innovative activities will be held, such as geek competition, cloud habitat time, programmer culture private plot, geek secret room, and x-climbing

Heli Yijie is a strategic partner of Alibaba cloud for many years. The two sides have played a vital role in jointly driving the development of intelligent customer service. This Yunqi Conference opened a special session on intelligent voice to introduce the latest progress made by Alibaba cloud voice AI and its partners in core technology, productization and commercialization in recent years. Through multi angle and all-round sharing among technology masters, industry experts and industry practitioners, we will jointly discuss how to use Alibaba cloud voice AI to support the intelligent upgrading of the industry

Heli Yijie was invited to appear in the smart voice special session to deeply analyze the intelligent transformation path of the call center and show the AI intelligent service ability of Heli Yijie

Heli Yijie Intelligent Cloud customer service system uses the comprehensive application of speech recognition, speech synthesis and natural language understanding technology to realize intelligent response, empower the seats and improve the overall service ability. Through intelligent knowledge base, realize atomization and customization transformation of knowledge base, and meet the needs of self-service and intelligent robot customer service

use intelligent voice outbound calls to support automatic voice outbound calls for notification services, integrate voice recognition, speech synthesis and natural language understanding technologies, and support intelligent voice interaction to realize service confirmation and adjustment

it is expected to maintain a good growth momentum in the next few years. Relying on AI technology, we will build an intelligent platform to provide external voice and semantic understanding capabilities and support customer businesses such as full voice portals. Through the intelligent customer service assistant, the integrated application of voice recognition, natural language understanding and semantic analysis, automatically identify customer needs, rely on business and knowledge scene construction, and realize the seamless collaboration between intelligent robots and human services

Heli Yijie company has been established for 18 years and has developed intelligent cloud customer service for 10 years. From the initial release of call center products for enterprises and governments, it has helped upgrade and develop customer service in all walks of life. At the 2018 yunqi conference last year, heli Yijie showed intelligent solutions for industry characteristics. At the 2019 yunqi conference, we expect Heli Yijie to bring more intelligent customer service scientific and technological achievements

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