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Micro corrugated: perfect interpretation

editor's note: in recent years, the new type of micro corrugated board has gradually emerged in the Chinese market, attracting more and more attention from insiders. It is predicted that micro corrugated cardboard will replace most folding cardboard for packaging boxes. At the same time, China's end-user industry also pays full attention to the application of micro corrugated packaging

in the packaging market, micro corrugated paper is very popular. With its unique structure, high-strength seismic performance, exquisite printing, low cost, it has been highly praised by various users of household appliances, food, chemicals, electronic products and so on

according to the market demand of Shanxi Aluminum Plant filter material company, which is an important measure for Shanxi Aluminum Plant to cultivate and develop industrial product manufacturing, the corrugated board can be divided into different specifications in terms of strength, stiffness, cushioning, etc. the most common types in the market are a, B, C, e, etc. It has excellent performance, high stiffness, high mechanical strength, good pressure resistance, good bending, and the ability to resist deformation and maintain the original shape when stressed

high compressive strength: in terms of the characteristics of corrugated paper itself and the interior area, under the same gram weight, the compressive performance of micro corrugated paper is better than that of general solid paper boxes. Therefore, according to its characteristics, people can combine different ridge types for different purposes, and process them into different packaging products to package products of different weights, types and grades. For users who have high requirements on the compressive strength of packaging, micro tile packaging is an ideal choice

good cushioning performance: using micro corrugated board as the lining to replace the traditional cushioning material is not only environmentally friendly, but also can increase the compressive strength. It is a very ideal cushioning material. Now, many perfume, cosmetics and other products are lined with fine corrugated cardboard, which not only improves the compressive strength of packaging, but also improves the grade of packaging. Many digital and small household electrical appliances are lined with micro corrugated cardboard to replace traditional cushioning materials such as EPE and EPS. Due to the formation of one piece of micro corrugated and the selection of high-strength corrugated base paper, the cost is lower and more environmentally friendly. In a sense, corrugated paper products are easy to recycle and reuse, and are an ideal "green packaging" material

good printing effect: in the past, the traditional corrugated cardboard can only be printed on gravure, and it can't directly print high-definition patterns like photos. Due to compression and deformation, the strength of the cardboard will be destroyed, which will greatly affect the accuracy and stability of printing. It is very easy to cause deviation and uneven thickness of the cardboard, affect the synchronization of printing speed, blur the patterns, and cause great unnecessary waste. The micro corrugated board can be directly printed on offset printing, which can not only obtain beautiful patterns, but also will not deform the corrugated paper, reduce or destroy the strength of the board due to printing. The direct offset printing method makes the printing of micro corrugated packaging more exquisite, highly display and advertising, and greatly improves the grade of packaging. Therefore, more and more industries begin to use micro corrugated packaging as sales packaging. In addition to traditional food, toys, household appliances and other industries, many industries that need external packaging gifts, such as handicrafts, medical and health products, also begin to use micro corrugated packaging

high quality and light weight: high quality and light weight, cost saving, is another major advantage of micro corrugated paper packaging. It is understood that some production enterprises have adopted e-corrugated micro corrugated board to replace the single corrugated board such as b-corrugated board and c-corrugated board used in the past. Its packaging can not only meet the safety transportation requirements of the original products, but also reasonably reduce the packaging materials and transportation costs every year. The exquisite printing effect of micro corrugated board makes it a better choice for making poster corrugated board display shelves and other display packaging. In foreign countries, due to the high die-cutting accuracy of the mechanical equipment itself, when making poster corrugated board display frame, a large number of micro paperboards such as c-board, n-board and f-board have been used to replace the traditional PVC board, making the whole poster corrugated board display frame lighter in weight and lower in cost, which is not only convenient for transportation, but also easy to recycle

based on the characteristics and market demand of micro corrugated, in this issue, we will focus on the packaging market over the years and the application of micro corrugated by typical enterprises, talk about the technical breakthrough of micro corrugated, and finally talk about the application prospect of micro corrugated in domestic and foreign markets

typical application of micro corrugated packaging

the advantages of micro corrugated boxes are receiving more and more attention, and are widely used in the packaging of digital products, household appliances, food, medical devices and so on:

★ micro corrugated has always been the first choice of packaging. For example, Motorola products have been packaged in E-shaped or F-shaped cartons

★ among digital products, micro corrugated is also favored. Such as Sony's CD-ROM drive

★ micro corrugated or Jinan assaying wear-resistant wiping experimental machine is the most frequently used instrument in the tension machine series, and the new favorite of small household appliances. For example, 6-inch and 8-inch refrigerators and other small household appliances produced by Kelon Company

★ the food industry is a major user of corrugated paper products. For example, heluxue (China) Co., Ltd. adopts F-shaped cartons

★ medical equipment is also a major user of micro corrugated. For example, the cardiac pacemaker of Medtronic (China) Co., Ltd. is applied to micro corrugated

★ in addition to digital products, food, medical devices and other fields, micro corrugated is also used in the pharmaceutical and health care market, as well as the packaging market of small products such as shoes, chemical products, electronic calculators and so on. In a word, micro corrugated or replaced a, B, C cardboard as the outer packaging of small goods, or applied to large goods to act as a buffer; Medium lining, or materials used to make advertising display shelves and poster boards. The market is gradually expanding

micro corrugated market feedback

micro corrugated box is popular in the packaging market

micro corrugated box packaging of leisure food has new ideas

micro corrugated box packaging of Samsung

micro corrugated box packaging of digital products

micro corrugated box packaging will perfectly interpret aesthetics and protection

popular in digital product packaging market

Application of micro corrugated box in electronic product packaging industry

family number of micro corrugated box packaging cake Work for meidan to generate 80million yuan

micro corrugated paper will become a new favorite of electronic information product packaging

technical breakthrough of micro corrugated paper

micro corrugated paper not only inherits the above functions of ordinary corrugated paper, but also adds new functions. Compared with the traditional fiber thick board of the same type, the micro corrugated board has the characteristics of material saving, good elasticity, strong cushioning, shock absorption and so on. For example, the weight of G-type corrugated board is 30-40% lighter than that of Solid Fiberboard, while the strength (compared with the same size of paperboard) is increased by 30-40%, and the weight is only half of that of the traditional solid paperboard folding box. Customers can directly put the inner packaging products into the transportation packaging, eliminating the medium packaging and some shockproof linings, because the micro corrugated packaging structure is stronger than the traditional folding carton, so that the micro corrugated carton is safe, firm, light and cost-effective. Moreover, the micro corrugated board has good printing effect, which is suitable for various printing methods with high accuracy requirements, especially for offset printing. In other words, in the past, the traditional corrugated cardboard can only be printed on gravure machines, It is impossible to directly offset fine, photo like high-definition patterns (because compression deformation will damage the strength of the cardboard, greatly affect the accuracy and stability of printing, easily cause cardboard deviation, uneven thickness, affect the synchronization of printing speed, cause pattern blur, and cause great unnecessary waste, which has been the consensus reached in the industry for many years). If you want to get the effect of cardboard offset printing, Only one process can be added: paste the pre printed face paper on the exposed corrugated board that lacks a layer of face paper (also known as four/six layer corrugated board) to achieve this effect. To this end, the industry has also developed a corresponding increase in stand-alone: special related tile line auxiliary equipment - veneering machine to achieve this function; This new type of micro corrugated board is printed directly on the offset press. Due to the above characteristics, the strength of the board will not be reduced or damaged due to the compression and deformation of pits. This is undoubtedly very ideal in today's economy and increasing requirements for printing quality. At the same time, for the corrugated board itself, under the same paper and the same pressure, the more the number of corrugated board is, the lower the height of corrugated board is, and the higher the pressure bearing strength of the plane pressure and parallel pressure of corrugated board is. These two pressures are the main force source of small carton packaging and transportation

micro corrugated parameters and specifications

application of micro corrugated board offset printing technology

direct offset printing process of micro corrugated board

innovation of micro corrugated board offset printing

cost saving by using flexographic micro corrugated box

flexographic micro corrugated box reduces the comprehensive cost of Kelon packaging by 15%

design of micro corrugated board and improvement of corrugated roller (I) (II) (III)

the "boom" of micro corrugated packaging

the trend of micro corrugated board has risen, and the United States, Sweden, Germany, Spain and other countries have begun to expand the production scale of F-shaped corrugated board and C-shaped corrugated board. China's corrugated board industry should do its best; Shaanxi has changed the relatively backward situation in technology, equipment and management, and strengthened the development of the micro corrugated paper market

in recent years, in order to meet the requirements of the reduction and environmental protection of the packaging industry, the trend of micro corrugated board has emerged. Hainan will make full use of the origin policy of the China ASEAN Free Trade Area. Countries such as the United States, Sweden, Germany, Spain and others have begun to expand the production scale of F-shaped and C-shaped corrugated boards, and began to explore in a more subtle direction. Some countries have begun to apply n-beam (beam height 0

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