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On August 16, 2018, abb robotics, a 130 year old global leader in industrial automation, robotics and motion control, signed a cooperation agreement with Chongqing Liangjiang wechain Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in the field of artificial intelligence and industrial cognitive technology. The two sides will work together on August 16, 2018, ABB robotics, a global leader in industrial automation and robotics and motion control with a history of 130 years, signed a cooperation agreement with Chongqing Liangjiang wechat Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in artificial intelligence and a leader in industrial cognitive technology. The two sides will carry out strategic cooperation in the field of industrial automation. Wechat technology will carry its cognitive technology on ABB robots to help its Chinese users improve their automation level. We have customized and developed the cognitive technology interface for ABB Robot. Our vision, touch, big data, machine learning and other technologies will be perfectly connected with ABB's control system. Most users in the market buy robots from one company and visual products from another company to realize automation

there are often wrangling with each other. The robot company says that the products of the vision company have problems, while the vision company will say that the communication of the robot company is immature. In this case, it will cause many failed projects. The robot bought it back, but it was not really used. Xiao Yang, who once worked as the director of the two air conditioners factory in Oakes, said. With the cooperation of wechain and abb, all this will become history. ABB Group has businesses in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, with 147000 employees. ABB has installed more than 300000 robots worldwide. ABB's robot technology and micro chain cognitive technology have achieved seamless and smooth docking, and the reliability will be self-evident. In the future, you don't need to find two companies to buy separately. Whether you buy from ABB or from wechat, you will get a perfectly integrated product. Reliability is always the first pursuit of industrial products, which is the life of industry. Liu Jie, sales manager of ABB Robot company, said

the development of intelligent robots will go through three stages. The first stage is computational intelligence. The second stage is cognitive intelligence. The third stage is cognitive intelligence. Among them, perceptual intelligence is the key field to be broken through at present, which can realize the adaptability of robots in the manufacturing field or the external environment. Ran Xiang said

this needs to rely on the development of information technology to help robots recognize and interact through remote functions. In the past, information technology has provided robots with new power and applications. Through the combination of robot and sensor, the development of automation is realized. Now, the development of information technology has brought a new role for robots, from simply replacing human tools to interconnected infrastructure. Robots and sensors have become interactive tools among the information world, data and physical world, forming the Internet of things

wechain wethink sensing system

like humans, vision and touch are the first step for robots to perceive the world. Thanks to the excellent algorithm of welinkirt, by combining artificial intelligence (AI), wethink cognitive and werobotics software, the wechain wethink cognitive suite can solve the problems that are too difficult, heavy or expensive for traditional machine vision systems

chain cognitive control system

through the robot perception system mounted on the front end of the robot, the wethink cognitive processing system can collect the images observed by the robot in real time and feel the force feedback, w but excessive butane will reduce the hardness, gloss and activity of the resin; Acrylonitrile provides "me" with the properties of hardness, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other chemical corrosion, which last for several months or even closely follow the spring tide; Styrene can provide "me" with hardness, processing activity and product surface finish. Elinkirt cognitive processing system reconstructs, calculates and processes the data through werrobotics software algorithm. Thus, the robot can acquire cognitive ability, and can grasp or assemble and detect with appropriate force according to different workpieces in different positions and dimensions

abb irb1200 industrial robot

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