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Micro: the aviation industry held the internal collaborative docking meeting of wire and cable products on board

News: on October 25, the internal collaborative docking meeting of airborne wire and cable products was held in Baosheng, the aviation industry. The main purpose of this meeting is to promote the effective connection and coordination between the wire and cable business needs of all member units in the aircraft and Baosheng, and realize the independent, controllable and intensive development of key cable products. During the meeting, the participants investigated and visited Baosheng military and civilian products research and production line, and communicated on the needs of various units and the product performance of Baosheng. The aviation industry airborne requires all units to establish a long-term mechanism for regular business communication, procurement and supply services based on reality and long-term vision, and implement the coordinated development of airborne cable business into specific business projects. On October 21, Liu Qiang, President of Jiangxi Research Institute of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Liu Qingqing, executive president of Jiangxi Research Institute, went to Nanchang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to investigate. For example, the tolerance zone was 0.8mm. Guojiezhong, Secretary of the Party committee of Nanchang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Yang Xiaoguang, vice president of Nanchang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, had a discussion with the guests. At the meeting, the two sides had in-depth exchanges on the structure of the school's departments and disciplines, professional and technical characteristics, talent training and important scientific and technological research and development in recent years, and reached cooperation intentions in joint research projects and joint training of graduate students. As the implementation carrier of provincial university cooperation, Beihang Jiangxi Research Institute was officially established in June this year. It plans to jointly build a scientific and technological innovation platform, a high-end talent training platform and a scientific and technological achievements transformation platform, aiming to cultivate a group of high-level innovative talents, cultivate a number of high-tech achievements, and build an important scientific research base for Beihang to take root in Jiangxi. (Shuyue)

on October 22, the 2019 joint exercise on emergency response to environmental emergencies in Baiyun District, high tech Zone and comprehensive bonded zone of Guiyang was held in the aviation industry beacon. This drill simulated the fire caused by the equipment failure of the navigation mark electroplating workshop, and a large amount of fire-fighting wastewater was generated on the site. Due to the limited capacity of the accident emergency pool on the site, the heavy metal containing fire-fighting wastewater generated in the plant area flowed out of the plant along the rain ditch, which may flow into the Xiaowan River, seriously threatening the safety of downstream water bodies. Baiyun District, high tech Zone and comprehensive insurance zone carry out joint emergency disposal. Under the orderly command and dispatching of the headquarters and the guidance of relevant experts, relevant functional departments such as enterprises, public security, fire protection and 120 first aid carry out emergency rescue work according to their responsibilities. Through the joint efforts of all the participants, the accident was effectively controlled. In the process of drill simulation, the team leader of each emergency response team of the company led the emergency personnel of each team to rush to the scene to carry out accident disposal. The fourth manufacturing department organized relevant personnel to watch the scene, used it to study the brittleness of refractory compounds, and conducted intuitive on-site training on how to deal with sudden environmental events. (Zhong Haoyue)

on October 20, the Party committee of Shenfei civil aircraft of the aviation industry held an open day of state-owned enterprises to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. A total of more than 350 employees and their families were invited to participate in this activity. The employees and their families who participated in the event watched the company's promotional videos, listened to the history of aviation industry and aviation knowledge, and visited the production and assembly site. Through the detailed and patient explanation of the commentators of various units, the staff's family members learned about the production process of various projects of the company and the structural characteristics of related aircraft from a zero distance, deeply felt the charm of modern civil aircraft production, and felt proud of the development of civil aviation in the motherland. The equipment and specifications to be inspected were preheated, and the indication was unstable, so they began to be inspected. This event further expanded the social influence of Shenfei civil aircraft, stimulated the pride of employees as an airline, and mobilized the reserve forces of employees and their families in the industrial chain of high-end equipment aluminum research and development. (Wang Junlei)

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