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Report on the application of smart coatings in the photovoltaic industry

industry analysis company nano markets released the latest report on materials in the photovoltaic industry - the application of smart coatings in the photovoltaic industry in 2012. Nano markets predicts that by 2017, the total amount of smart coatings in the photovoltaic market will rise from less than $12 million in 2012 to more than $450 million

this report analyzes the opportunities of smart coatings in the photovoltaic field. The focus is on the four intelligent coatings that are bound to bring great value to the photovoltaic field - self-cleaning, self-healing, electrochromic and thermochromic coating systems. The report also analyzes some important and emerging suppliers and customers of smart coatings, including ALM for hard plastic Aden, Nissan, Nippon glass, gold nano shell, Pilkington and some other companies

the report mentioned that although the entire photovoltaic market is developing slowly and facing the uncertainty of the future, nano markets believes that photovoltaic manufacturers can find intelligent coatings that can not only improve the basic performance of photovoltaic but also provide value-added functions, so as to enhance their competitive position and broaden their development prospects

the integration of intelligent coatings, especially the self-cleaning one, can most effectively improve the light energy conversion rate and play a direct and significant role in reducing the cost of photoelectric per watt. According to the latest report of nano markets, our team and I are constantly learning. By 2017, self-cleaning coatings are expected to earn $150million in annual revenue from the photovoltaic industry

other more complex and valuable intelligent coatings have more functions, which can enable photovoltaic module manufacturers to produce high-quality products, and stand out from the introduction of several technical parameters of the rapidly commercialized and homogenized market tensile testing machine, so the hardness value is not as accurate as Brinell method

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