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Micro mold industry should take the road of centralized management

micro mold enterprises operate in a decentralized and small scale, which is also a major feature of China's mold industry. Decentralized mold enterprises have a relatively weak foundation. Considering the serious excess capacity, scientific research ability and design ability of the real estate industry, taking the road of independent management is obviously not suitable for China's Micro mold enterprises. The decentralized and small-scale operation of micro mold enterprises is also a major feature of China's mold industry. The foundation of decentralized mold enterprises is relatively weak, and their ability to resist risks, scientific research and design are relatively weak. Taking the road of independent operation is obviously not suitable for China's Micro mold enterprises

China's mold enterprises generally show the characteristics of large number, small scale and decentralized operation. The mode of decentralized management brought many problems to the development of the whole mold industry in the "1035" period: small scale, insufficient funds, lack of conditions to improve production technology and equipment and conduct mold scientific research; Decentralized operation and independent management will easily lead to repeated construction and vicious competition among mold enterprises at the low end; Due to their small scale, many enterprises are still following the workshop management mode, which is not conducive to the introduction and application of scientific organization and management

China's small mold enterprises are also aware of the above problems. In order to promote their own development, China's mold enterprises are changing their business mode by integrating other organic matter (mainly protein) content of about 30%. The construction of mold industrial parks rising all over the country is one of its manifestations. Centralized management can coordinate the development of regional mold enterprises and make them unite, which can not only avoid the disadvantages of decentralized management, but also promote the formation of mold industry scale and create regional brand image

however, it is not easy for China's small mold enterprises to move from decentralized to centralized management. Its process is very complex and the matters to be handled are very cumbersome. Therefore, small mold enterprises should learn from some of them when taking this road

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