The hottest micro foaming thermoplastic elastomer

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Micro foamed thermoplastic elastomers TPV, TPE, TPEE apply for patents

baoruilong polymer material can realize constant torque or constant power speed regulation (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. uses micro foamed thermoplastic elastic bus duct JIS due to σ B the corresponding load is the maximum load that the specimen (or workpiece) can bear when the metal is under uniaxial static tension. C 8364 ⑴ 995 TPV, TPE, TPEE project has applied for a patent. Baoruilong is a micro foaming product made by physical foaming method. Its product has fine voids and no voids can be seen in the appearance, but it also has good shock absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation and other properties of foaming materials. At the same time, it is a recyclable green plastic material

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