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Micro corrugated board brings new business opportunities to carton and box enterprises

for many years, type A, B, C and C corrugated board have always been the protagonists in corrugated board. Since last year, when the novel micro corrugated paperboard made of natural materials such as clay and biochar gradually appeared in the European market, it has attracted great attention from insiders and merchants. Many users use folded paperboard as packaging products and are turning to micro corrugated paperboard

it is self-evident that the thickness of type G in the micro corrugated board is 0.55mm, the thickness of type n is only 0.4mm, and the thickness of type E is 0.8mm. Compared with the folded paperboard with the same gram weight, this kind of micro corrugated paperboard has better stacking strength and shock absorption performance. This is very important for some brand goods that need to pursue cost-effectiveness in the fierce competition. This means that less packaging materials can be used to obtain the same protection function, which not only reduces the manufacturing cost, but also reduces the user's packaging cost and saves paper. Another important advantage of micro corrugated board is that it can be printed directly on the offset press, which can not only obtain beautiful patterns, but also reduce or destroy the strength of the board due to the deformation of corrugated board caused by printing

g-type and n-type corrugated cardboard can be used as a substitute for folding cardboard for sales packaging, as well as for the protection and transportation packaging of small commodities. While F-type corrugated board (about 1.7mm thick) can be used as commodity packaging or container transportation packaging

recently, Shanghai Yangsi machinery factory developed a new product for the same host E-type micro corrugating unit. The corrugation is thinner than F-type. The thickness of e-type corrugated board is 0.8mm and the door width is 1 6 meters

the uses of micro corrugated board include providing sufficient and healthy food for people all over the world, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, extensive performance, beautifying packaging, saving and low cost. It will become a rookie of lightweight packaging materials and bring more business opportunities and benefits to carton and carton enterprises

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