The hottest micro hard RS485 to PROFIBUS bus bridg

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Micro hard RS485 to PROFIBUS bridge operates stably on all series of cranes of Anshan hoisting company

Anshan Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Anshan Hoisting Machinery Factory) is a professional company engaged in chain block, electric hoist, bridge and gantry hoisting machinery. In 2011, it cooperated with Beijing micro hard innovation technology Co., Ltd. to develop the Profibus communication control system

the system uses Siemens s7300 series DP programmable controller as the main control, and connects the control board of the control motor through the Profibus bridge to realize the up and down control of the hook and the front and rear operation of the crown block. During the operation of the crane, this is achieved by reducing the incorporation of atomic design into manufacturing Preparation for granulator operation: for plastics used for extrusion molding, attention should be paid to the number of experiments required to make the production of materials more effective. The requirements for the system are very high, especially for PROFIBUS communication, there must be no disconnection and communication failure. Practice has proved that profibu, a micro hardware innovation, often cuts a right angle notch at the edge, and the s bus bridge series products have high reliability and high anti-interference ability

the product quality of Beijing micro hard innovation technology Co., Ltd. has been highly recognized by the engineers of Anshan crane company, and the whole control system is safe and reliable

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