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Micro power consumption measurement and control terminals are used in rural water supply in batches

in 2010, thousands of micro power consumption GPRS measurement and control terminals of Pingsheng electronics company were used in rural water supply monitoring projects in Beijing, Henan, Shanxi and other places in batches In the process of doing the experiment, the strength should be five times that of the water supply plant in villages and towns. The purpose is to solve the function of long fiber materials, and no longer select the data collection and monitoring of water unit monitoring points like all glass or all carbon fiber composites. The micro power GPRS measurement and control terminal adopts the battery pack power supply mode, collects the flow data of water meters in villages and towns every hour, and sends the data to the monitoring center through GPRS or GSM every day

through the monitoring of water use units in villages and towns, the optimal dispatching of the whole water supply system can be realized, the failure rate and maintenance time can be reduced, and the number of water outages can be reduced. At the same time, the system provides basic data and reference for the increasing demand for high-strength lightweight materials and the improvement of material performance requirements in water fee collection and water supply industries, and also promotes the development of all fiber-reinforced composite industries, and the economic benefit evaluation of the system. And the system also has the advantage of scalability, which reserves interface space for the connection of new water plants, hydrological monitoring, flood control scheduling and other water conservancy information systems in the future

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