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The key technology of micro corrugated packaging and manufacturing

the market of micro corrugated paperboard 1. The development of micro corrugated paperboard Market

the corrugated types are in order of size. They are D, a, C, B, e, F, G, n, etc. e, F, G, n corrugated paperboard is usually called micro corrugated paperboard. Because the micro corrugated board has high compressive strength and the printing effect is as good as that of paperboard, there is a lot of market development space. Since the advent of micro corrugated in 1990, the market utilization rate has been rising. According to statistics, at present, the output of micro corrugated board accounts for 8% of the total output of corrugated board. In 2004, the output of micro corrugated board in the United States accounted for 12%, and increased at a rate of 2% per year. It is expected that it will continue to grow in the next five years, with an annual growth rate of about 20%

2. G corrugated board has great development potential.

it is predicted that. G the company is mainly responsible for developing the ultra-thin carbon fiber layer technology in the permanent situation, and the output of corrugated board will increase significantly. In the next five years, the market share of paperboard will be replaced by G corrugated board]0%. Many years ago, Germany, Britain, France and other countries have implemented laws on waste recycling. Because the decree has clear provisions on the recycling of cardboard, and the lack of clear provisions on the recycling of micro corrugated cardboard, users' demand for micro corrugated products has increased significantly. In addition, g-corrugated board can be offset printed directly, and has the advantages of good printing effect, low printing plate cost, suitable for short edition, saving production costs, etc. it is favored by users, so the market share increases rapidly

in Europe and America, some companies are already producing g-corrugated products to meet the needs of customers, and more companies hope to produce g-corrugated products in the future.] In 1998, 30 pairs of G-shaped corrugating rollers were installed in Europe. 25 pairs were installed in the United States. In 1999, another 50 pairs were installed. We believe that cardboard containers will be increasingly replaced by micro corrugated cardboard containers, especially those with a paper weight of more than 400g/m2

in Japan, the law on waste recycling (i.e. the law on the classified collection and recycling of containers and packaging) has come into force since April 2000, which also affects users' demand for corrugated boxes, accelerating the speed of g-corrugated board replacing cardboard. Because the G-shaped corrugated board can be offset printed directly, while the traditional E-shaped corrugated board needs to be bonded, it has also become a trend to replace the E-shaped corrugated board with the G-shaped corrugated board with the experimental curve. Many large manufacturers of paper containers, such as textiles, sanitary products, frozen food, toys and so on, have focused on the use of g-corrugated board

3. Comparison of characteristics between g-corrugated board and paperboard (see Table 1)

for carton manufacturers, there are still some problems in the production of g-corrugated board: (1) whether the printing accuracy of g-corrugated board is the same as that of paperboard. (2) Manufacturing cost of G-shaped corrugated board. (3) The base paper supplier of g-corrugated board. What kind of base paper is suitable for the production of g-corrugated board and how to solve these problems. Improving the efficiency of corrugated board production line has become a problem that carton enterprises have to face

4. The current situation of micro corrugated packaging in China

the production of micro corrugated board in China started late. At present, it is limited to the production of e-type corrugated board. In terms of the quality and grade of paperboard, there are few varieties and low grades, which need to be further developed. Compared with the same amount of cardboard, micro corrugated board has better printability, higher stacking strength, stronger shock absorption performance and lower cost. It has become the preferred packaging material for more and more users of small household appliances, food, electronic products and so on

experts predict that the annual demand of the micro corrugated packaging market is about 20billion pieces, and the annual growth rate remains above 40%. Accordingly, by 2010, the number of micro corrugated packages will reach 32billion. It can be seen that domestic micro corrugated packaging has a large market space. With the increasing requirements of users for continuously improving the packaging grade and reducing the packaging cost, more and more enterprises and products will use micro corrugated packaging

characteristics of micro corrugated packaging

internationally, micro corrugated packaging has been applied to various fields. In addition to making color printing packaging boxes, it can also be used as a lining to replace traditional cushioning materials, and make poster corrugated cardboard display shelves and other products

1. Offset direct printing makes micro corrugated packaging and printing more exquisite and more showable. In foreign countries, more and more industries begin to use micro corrugated packaging as sales packaging, which is not only used in traditional industries such as food, toys and household appliances, Moreover, many industries that need high-end outer packaging, such as handicrafts and gifts, have begun to use micro corrugated packaging. The use of offset printing to directly print micro corrugated cardboard has improved the grade of products

2. As a lining to replace the traditional cushioning material, micro corrugated board can not only protect the environment, but also increase the compressive strength

now, many perfume and cosmetics, such as Lancome Chanel, are lined with micro corrugated board, which not only improves the compressive strength of packaging, but also improves the level of packaging. Many digital and small household electrical appliances are lined with micro corrugated cardboard to replace the traditional cushioning material EPE EPS, etc. Because the micro corrugated board is formed in one piece and the high-strength corrugated base paper is selected, it is more cost-effective and environmental friendly

3. Micro corrugated board is used to make corrugated board display rack, which saves transportation costs.

micro corrugated board is thinner, better printability, and more exquisite printing, making it a better choice for making display packaging. In foreign countries, due to the high die-cutting accuracy of the mechanical equipment itself, when making the corrugated board display frame, we not only use corrugated board at the support, but also use a large number of micro corrugated boards such as F, G, n to replace the traditional PVC board. This makes the whole corrugated board display frame lighter in weight, easier to transport, easier to recycle and lower in cost

at present, in addition to digital products (including digital cameras, MP3 and CD digital recorders, USB flash drives, computer motherboards, etc.), the industries that use more micro corrugated packaging in China also have applications in the fields of small household appliances, leisure food, quick-frozen food cosmetics, health products, wine, carton trays, and electronic There are many manufacturers of small household electrical appliances, and the printing and packaging industry is relatively developed. Therefore, there are also many applications of micro corrugated packaging in the south

in foreign countries, the scope of application of micro corrugated packaging is more extensive. In addition to the above fields, it is also widely used in alcohol, small appliances, shoes, hardware tools, microelectronic products, computer software, counter sales displays, fast food and other fields. Haier, Motorola, Kodak, Siemens, Sony and other more than 30 enterprises have summarized the competitive advantages of micro corrugated packaging in the eyes of users as low cost, good seismic performance, high compressive strength, exquisite printing and other advantages

for carton enterprises, the edge shape is becoming thinner and the market is becoming wider. Now there is a trend of using micro corrugated packaging in the industry. Making micro corrugated packaging has become a new economic growth point for carton enterprises. More and more users begin to realize the advantages of micro corrugated packaging. Making micro corrugated packaging is the direction of market development and has great market potential. In addition, many export products choose micro corrugated packaging as the outer packaging

1. household appliance industry

the household appliance industry uses micro corrugated packaging, mainly using e-corrugated boxes to directly package products, or using be corrugated boxes to replace the traditional A and B corrugated boxes. Electric appliance enterprises such as Haier, Philips, Kelon, BenQ, Changhong, Lenovo and SUPOR TCL are all using micro corrugated packaging

2. Frozen food industry

frozen food such as ice cream now also begins to use micro corrugated packaging. On the one hand, as a sales outer packaging, the printing is required to be beautiful and exquisite. On the other hand, as an inner packaging in a green, environmental protection and lightweight environment, it is required to be able to withstand low temperature. Products such as Nestle's Moonlight treasure box, Lu Xue's dry layer snow and AI Lai FA Xi's eight Xi ice cream all use micro corrugated packaging

3. industry

micro corrugated packaging is favored by manufacturing enterprises because of its high compressive strength, slowness, good neutrality and other advantages. Enterprises such as Motorola, Datang Telecom Shouxin and Nokia are using micro corrugated packaging

4. Cosmetics industry

now the cosmetics industry also commonly uses micro corrugated packaging. It is very common for Lancome and others to use micro corrugated packaging as padding. Now there are also products that use micro corrugated packaging directly as outer packaging

the key technology of making micro corrugated packaging

e-corrugated packaging production is now very common. Almost all corrugated board manufacturers can produce e-corrugated f-corrugated and g-corrugated packaging boxes, and the processing technology in China is also quite mature. The specific method is to adopt the traditional processing technology: surface paper printing, making micro corrugated paper, veneering, die cutting and paste box. Adopting this process has advantages for manufacturers who make both color boxes and corrugated boxes. As long as the production process is adjusted and the existing offset printing and post press processing corrugated box equipment is used, it can be produced without new equipment investment, but the production cost is relatively high. Because the facial paper and corrugated paper are processed independently and then pasted, the synthesis requires that the facial paper is relatively thick, and the general quantity should be higher than 2oog/㎡, otherwise it is easy to expose wrinkles and the bonding speed is very slow. Although this process is not ideal, it is very practical at present. For the quality control of micro corrugated packaging box, the following points should be achieved during production

(1) in order to improve the compressive strength of the micro corrugated packaging box, the quality of the base paper used to make the micro corrugated board is very high. Quantitative comparison between kraft paperboard and core paper. Calf paperboard should not exceed 150g/m2, and the core paper should not exceed 105g/m2. The thickness should be uniform, the toughness should be good, and the strength should be high. Classic white kraft paperboard, American Huihao and stone kraft paperboard, French core paper and domestic high-strength core paper can meet the production requirements. The micro corrugated color box is beautifully printed. The corrugated board with a ration of 300 ~ 550G/m2 is made of low quantitative white board and corrugated paper. Due to the improvement of the unit utilization rate of paper, the overall packaging cost is reduced. The weight and thickness of the board are reduced, and the transportation cost and stacking space of goods are also reduced. The most important thing is that the micro corrugated color box combines the two functions of transportation and sales packaging, and saves the cost of secondary packaging. When making micro corrugated board, some additives should be properly added to the adhesive to improve the strength of corrugated board

(2) it is very critical to use traditional technology to complete the veneering process of micro corrugated packaging boxes. The veneering machine is best to choose a machine that can mount both corrugated and paperboard. At present, the automatic veneering machines of Taiwan Caiyi Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Meiguang Machinery Co., Ltd. have this function. If a veneering machine that can only mount corrugated paper is used, because its corrugated board design is at least E-shaped, it is best to require the equipment manufacturer to improve the parallel accuracy of the upper rubber roller, reduce the vibration of the machine, and improve the flatness of the paper pressing belt. When the belt is pressed after veneering, it is best to increase the pressure of the belt and improve the conveying speed, so as to make the pressed cardboard flat. The viscosity of the adhesive is about 40s. On the premise of ensuring the firm adhesion between corrugated paper and printing paper, the minimum bonding dose should be used, and the solid content of the adhesive per square meter should not exceed 10 grams. A small amount of adhesive can prevent exposure. If the customer permits, appropriately increasing the quantity of printing paper can also reduce exposure. When veneering, the corrugated direction must be perpendicular to the fiber direction of the printed color paper. In this way

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