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The use of Canon cp1300 and Canon cp1200 photo printers is more favorable. Which one is easy to use? Is there a big difference?

Canon's two popular photo printers are recommended: Canon cp1300 and Canon cp1200 photo printers. Which one is good and what is the function? Let's take a look at the comparative evaluation of friends as follows for your reference

I. Canon cp1300 portable photo printer household mini wireless color photo printer 1200

comments from friends:

the powder is very beautiful. After receiving it, follow the enclosed instructions. Because the customer service is off duty, I searched for the problems I encountered, and finally successfully printed the photos after a long time of agitation. The differences in the content format in the print settings are not very clear. Take your time to study them

"check the latest quotation when turning to lead and establishing the vertical position of Shandong new material industry association, and more comments from friends

real photos:

II. Canon cp1200 photo printer household small portable photos Xuanfei cp1300 color

inkless printing photos 100 years old fadeless certificate photo printing

start friend comments:

1 The low-temperature constant temperature bath adopts the air-cooled fully enclosed tightening mechanism. It is a very cold photo printer, small and exquisite, with good quality. Especially, the boss is good at reputation. He will arrive the next day. If there is a problem, he will receive it patiently in the evening. He is not tired of it, which is touching. I will come again later Expand to view more comments

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